Thai primary grade 4 Mixed Exercise 1

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Mixed Exercise 1 แบบฝึกหัดแบบผสม 1 


การทักทาย     สี      อวัยวะ     กริยา be     กริยาช่วย can     อาชีพ      สถานที่ทำงาน        สัตว์

ใช้บทสนทนานี้ ตอบข้อ 1-3

Sandy: Good afternoon, Tom.           

Tom: _________________(1), Sandy. ______________(2)?

Sandy: ________________(3), thank you.

1. a. Good afternoon        b. Good morning      c. Good evening        d. Good night.

2. a. I am fine      b. How is she?     c. How are you?      d. Are you ok?

3. a. We are ok, Tom.   b. How is your father?     c. How is Lisa?     d. How are you? 

4. Thomas  = he   แล้ว    Anne = _______?

a. we                b. Lisa                c. she                 d. you 

5. Zebra is ______________.

a. blue and white       b. black and yellow          c. white           d. black and white 

6. Can Suda make a cake?

a. Yes, she can’t       b. No, she cannot.       c. No, she can.       d. Yes, she can’t. 

7. A horse can _____. a. climb                b. walk       c. fly       d. sing 

8. A________ has a very long neck.

a. goat                  b. donkey               c. horse                 d. giraffe 

9. A ________ has no legs; eats mice and rats.

a. tiger                  b. dog                    c. worm                d. snake 

10. Are you __ fruit seller?

a. a                        b. an                    c. the                    d. – 

11.  I am a doctor. Where am I?

a. In a post office     b. at a restaurant       c. in a zoo    d. at a hpspital 

12. Her ______ is in a room. He is eating cookies.

a. parents            b. brother                 c. daughter            d. aunt 

13. two _______

a. boxen            b.  oxes                    c. child                   d. ladies 

14. You use a nose to ________.

a. hear              b. eat           c. smell            d. talk 

15. We use our legs to ______.

a. laugh            b. run           c. sit                d. see

16. Jane: How is your grandmother?      Bob: _____________?

a. She is fine.          b. We are ok.            c. I’m very well.             d. He’s fine. 

17. ประโยตในข้อใดมีความหมายว่าทำไม่ได้

a. A dog can drink milk.                 b. Mum can’t swim.

c. We can jump.                         d. She can move a box. 

18. A _________ works in a field.

a. shopkeeper         b. merchant           c. truck driver                 d. farmer 

19. A monk is at the _______.

a. car                   b. hospital               c. food shop                  d. temple 

20. _____ are on the tree.

a. ducks                 b. cakes                c. matches                   d. raccoons 

21. ข้อใดมีคำนามเอกพจน์ และพหูพจน์ถูกต้อง

a. fisherman – fishermans                       b. chick – chicken

c. louse – lice                                         b. monkey – monkies 

ใช้บทสนทนานี้ ตอบข้อ 22-25

Richard: Nice to see you, Sara.   How are you?           

Sara: __________(22), thanks. Richard:

How ____ (23) your _________(24)?

Sara: ______________(25). 

22. a. I’m at home        b. Hi      c. Nice to see you        d. I’m very well 

23. a. is             b. am              c. are                d. can 

24. a. fathers      b. sister          c. children          d. dog 

25. a. They are fine.        b. She is ok.         c. Yes, I can.      d. See you later. 

26. What isn’t an occupation?

a.   student                   b. mother              c. dancer            d. cook 

27. A:  Am I ______?        B: ______________

a. No, I’m not.            b. Yes, I am.            c. No, you aren’t.     d. No, you are. 

28. Many _______ are in a basket.    _______ are new.

a. glasses/we          b. fish/they         c. newspapers/it      d.mouse/they 

29. A: What is your mother?         B: ________ a nurse.

a. We are               b. You are           c. she is                 d. he is 

30. A fish can’t ________.

a. swim                  b. eat                 c. climb                  d. jump